Our latest Q&A in the Station Rd series comes from Dom McGregor, who is COO of Social Chain. We asked Dom about his role and what advice he would give to those starting out.

What is your name and job role / position and company?
Dominic Mcgregor, Co – Founder/ COO of Social Chain

Could you give us a brief overview of what your role entails and what you love about it and/or your company?
My role requires me to be tuned in to everything that is happening in the company from recruitment of new members to the financial forecasting/position of the business. The main role is day to day running of the company

Could you give us a brief overview of a typical day?
No two days are the same, at a place like Social Chain everyone finds themselves jumping into unpredicted situations from creative meetings for clients like Apple, talking to the legal team or producing a business plan for the next 12 months all could make up an normal day.

What would you say are the key skills required to be effective in your role?
The key skill in any management role is people skills, knowing how to manage people and get the best out of them, as youre only one person – I rely heavily on the team around me

Tell us a little bit about your career progression. Where did you start out and how you developed into your current role?
After I dropped out of university I was head of marketing at Wallpark – a start up my now business partner Steve started, after we sold the website back to the investors we founded social chain where the two of us lead and grew the team from the 2 of us to over 75 now.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?
The one thing I’ve always wanted to do was to work on a movie marketing campaign.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge?
Everyday is a challenge, the biggest of them was having the confidence within you to give it a go, drop out of university and make it happen.

If you weren’t doing this role, what would you love to be doing?
If I wasn’t doing this role I’d love to be giving back to society, working with a charity or young people.

Which brands do you think are getting it right in the digital space?
A few have mastered it, Nandos, innocent, boohoo.

Do you have any recommended books that have had a big influence on your career / business?
Yeah – How to win friends and influence people has been a huge impact on how I operate as a leader.

If you were a superhero who would you be and what would be your superpower?
I’d love to be invisible

What advice would you give those starting out in business now?
Everyone makes mistakes, its how you respond to what happens that defines you as a person, not what actually happens…


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