Just when you thought you’d got your head around the latest social network another pops up.

Since ‘accidentally’ releasing a photo-messaging app called Slingshot last week, Facebook has officially launched the app in the US with pretty much the same features as Snapchat.

This is hardly surprising, particularly when you look at how younger generations are using social media. There’s been a great shift in the usage of video and photo sharing apps…away from parents’ prying eyes.

So – what do you need to know about this new app?

  • Photo/video sharing – the app’s features include sharing photos and videos with friends and sending ‘reaction shots’
  • Unlock it – photos received must be unlocked by ‘slinging’ a different photo back to the original sender
  • Write off – like Snapchat users can scribble or type over their photos
  • Deleted – all images are deleted once sent
  • 140 characters – like twitter Slingshot limits you to 140 characters so adds to the quick and creative sharing element of the app
  • You’re not limited to Facebook friends only – like Snapchat you can use your phone’s contact list or search for usernames
  • US only – it’s only available in the US for now…so watch this space, it may or may not be one to consider in your marketing strategies when targeting a certain audience