The importance of staying connected and communicating effectively whilst being mindful of the impact that the wrecking ball that is COVID-19 is having on your family, your team, your customers, frontline workers and everyone in your wider community cannot be underestimated. It’s causing shock waves across the world and the inconsistent communications and ever-changing messaging coming from Government and a myriad of online sources does not seem to be bringing any clarity and comfort when we all need it most.

So, it is during this time that how you choose to communicate, what you choose to share and how you choose to act will define you and the futures of the ones around you (and yours too). Listening, supporting others, nurturing relationships, planning ahead and communicating as clearly as possible, will play a huge part in setting the foundations for the post COVID-19 business ecosystem that is slowly evolving. There’s a big reset button being pressed, and we’ll see a lot of change and adjustment coming with it.

So, here’s some general comms tips as well as a link to a document we’ve pulled together with channel specific considerations from us. View the document here >

  1. Listen and be mindful… of what else is going on in the world
  2. Be smart… reassure and support your team and existing customer base
  3. Stay present… keep listening and maintain your profile
  4. Spend… your marketing budget on the right things
  5. Learn… what’s working in the current climate and what isn’t
  6. Be authentic… people will know when you’re not
  7. Be kind… to others and yourself


It goes without saying that you should be including communications as part of your crisis and issues handling (if you haven’t already). Hope for the best but plan for the worst they say… we know times are going to be tough in some shape or form so make sure you factor in who you’ll need to communicate with, what you’ll need to say, how you’re going to say it, when to say it and who needs to be involved.

Now is very much the time for scenario planning and putting things in place should you need to react quickly. Alongside this, many businesses will also be looking at the best ways to support customers as well as safeguarding their teams and business.

Communications is going to play a big part in how this is done – so if you’re looking at how to manage your comms at this time, think about what you many need to prioritise now, what to switch off potentially and how you want to do business in the future.

We’ve already started to see the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of how businesses are treating their people, customers and suppliers at such an early stage of this crisis.

Try not to have knee-jerk reactions – take time to think before you act. Sending strength and positivity from the whole Station Rd. team #StaySafe.