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The Brief.

As the leading agency within the UX industry, Nomensa wanted to showcase its brand expertise through a mix of awards and PR outreach to attract new high-level clients. Alongside this year-round activity, Nomensa wanted to promote its two annual flagship events, Collaborate Bristol and Interact London, ensuring that event interest and attendance continued to thrive.

Our Approach.

As we were focusing on brand reputation, we wanted to ensure that marketing activity was streamlined, positioning the brand as a high-level thought leader across the relevant industry outlets. To do this, we focused on its CEO, Simon Norris, as the key brand spokesperson to create the face of Nomensa, and also monitored and entered key industry awards as part of our year-round activity.

Yet, in the lead-up to the events, we looked to continue the theme of thought-leadership, positioning the two events as unique, quality and inclusive conferences for those operating within the UX industry. However, we took a strategic approach to communications and identified the need to market each event to a specific audience in order to increase ticket sales. For Collaborate Bristol, we chose to focus on regional activity to support Nomensa’s recruitment drive and business reputation around its main base office in the South West. However, for Interact London, our prime focus was UX/ digital industry press in order to help attract key speakers and decision-makers in London and beyond.

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