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The Brief.

To create a new website that not only captures the brand ethos, but provides them with a bespoke custom look and feel that is future proof and can help support their growth targets. The SEVEN BRO7HERS can designs are simple, bold and impactful – their TOV is friendly and easy going with a sense of humour – this didn’t come across on the old website.

Our Approach.

After going through a full stakeholder session with the brothers, we looked through all their current branding and can designs that were live in the marketplace and then drilled down into what their values and vision for the brewery was. From here we were able to pull together a range of custom page templates that were design within the NEW Shopify 2.0 framework, utilising custom features to deliver the customer experience.

Displaying Savings Within the Variant Pickers – Shopify allows you to set meta data against variants, but not against product options which are generated from variants. We custom coded a solution to allow us to access the data from variants while a user was selecting an option on the product page so we could add specific and dynamic data against each option on the product page

Using the Meta Objects – Shopify has recently introduced Meta Objects as a method of storing multiple meta fields in one block against a page / product or collection. We utilised these Meta Objects for the bar pages on the site so any reference to a bar anywhere on the site could be centrally referenced from one meta object. This means that a content editor can make a change once and see it reflected everywhere, rather than having to change a piece of text or image in multiple places

Flexible Section Development – Rather than building a large number of blocks, a smaller set of blocks were built with a number of configuration options for content editors to change the style. This allowed us to speed up the development process by not repeating the code that we were writing while building the theme.

And how are you?

Now you know a little about us – we’re curious to know more about you. Drop us a line, we’d love to talk.