Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, I’m sure that you’re now aware that Apple have a new product coming out. The iPhone 7 has been eagerly anticipated for several weeks now, with anxiety and excitement levels rising, rumours and speculations crowding social media with nobody knowing exactly who or what to listen to. Well yesterday the iPhone 7 was confirmed and addressed at Apple’s launch event – and there has been some big changes. As always, there have been a few changes announced that will be at the forefront of every tech-enthusiasts mind.


One of the biggest changes for the clumsy iPhone owners among us, is that iPhone 7 will now be dust and waterproof, with a protection rating of IP67. This essentially means that if you tend to drop your phone a lot, then it’s theoretically safe if it falls in the sink, or the unlikely but still possible instance that you fall into a swimming pool with your phone. If this water resistance works as well as was promised at the launch event, then it could mean goodbye to water damage on your insurance policy.


Also, we’re sure Instagram lovers were happy with one particular change announced. For those who love to take photographs, this iPhone has had the most impressive camera evolution in its history. Every 12 megapixel camera comes with image stabilization, where the camera lens actually physically adjusts to the user’s hand movements, ensuring that it remains still for when you are ready to capture meaning no more blurry and unfocused images. In addition, the new camera processor is capable of performing 100 billion operations per image – so it truly is a super computer in its own right.


Apple Launch Event


Perhaps the biggest change in camera performance comes to the iPhone 7+, which gains a second telephoto lens. This lens has amazing capabilities and will allow a 10X zoom with no compromise on quality, and the iPhone switches lens depending on the type of photo you are trying to take. On top of this new feature, each photo will also automatically generate a ‘depth map’, where photographers will be able to focus on people in the photos and blur the background – similar to what a DSLR camera is capable of. Pretty impressive!


Later in the presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the issue that seems to have concerned and excited users across all social media platforms. The issue of sound on the new iPhone was addressed initially with the good news – the speakers will provide twice the volume of the iPhone 6. Of course in order for this to be possible sacrifices had to be made, so Apple are now saying goodbye to the headphone jack.


The shift away from corded headphones is a brave one, but Apple have a reputation of ridding their products of things we as consumers have become accustomed to, such as keypads on mobile phones and CD drives on laptops – so in some ways this was expected. However, we estimate that the response to this change will become much more definite in the next few days. In order to combat the issue of listening to music personally, headphones will now be plugged straight into the lightening socket using an adapter, which wil be included in the box. But on the back of this change, the biggest development was the albeit predicted release of Airpods.


Airpods connect to your iPhone 7 completely wirelessly, and connect by simply tapping ‘connect’ when they are near your phone – there is no second step! These wireless headphones provide five hours of listening power, and charge in their case which holds 24 hours of additional power. In true Apple style they are of course not just headphones. They can do everything that wired headphones are capable of; talking to Siri, taking a phone call and skipping songs – all these actions can be achieved by tapping a certain number of times. The only downside is that these cost $149, so around £110.


Finally, the iPhone issue which frustrates many users is getting a boost – battery life on the iPhone 7 is set to last up to 2 hours longer on average, so for some of us that might be even more! Yet, due to the number of actions that the iPhone is capable of, it still may not be enough for some of us who rely heavily on their iPhone.


Tim Cook also took this opportunity to announce more developments across Apple’s range. The most notable developments being the Apple watch with OS3. This watch has the users wellbeing in mind, with numerous features to develop on their health. The all new ‘breathe’ feature reminds you to stop and take a deep breath once a day as a calming exercise, there is emergency service technology which calls 999 (or equivalent) when you hold a certain button, and it also alerts loved ones of your location and that you need help.


Apple also released some pretty huge gaming news – finally, Super Mario will be available from the app store, with no unfortunate Nintendo emulators required! This app will allow you to take on the game’s traditional levels, but also play against your friends in real time! Surely Pokemon Yellow will be on the app store next?


Pre orders for iPhone 7 are set to begin on 9th September, with shipping beginning on the 16th. For those who are already convinced that the iPhone 7 is for you, get the date in your diaries and be one of the first to get your hands on the next generation of iPhone. Whether you think these changes are good or bad (headphone jack seems to be dividing opinion) it has no doubt caused much more excitement for the iPhone 8, which is set to launch next year.