Not every letter written at Christmas goes to Santa…(or the bin, hopefully)

To mark the end of 2019, we took pen to paper to say a BIG thank you to those we’ve worked with and to celebrate the successes of the year, as well as share our Christmas campaign…

As big believers that the greatest gift anyone can have is that of good health, we’ve been reflecting on the passing of our very good friend and prostate cancer campaigner Keith S. Cass (MBE) – the driving force behind The Red Sock Campaign. Keith was passionate about helping the ‘uninformed man’ become the ‘informed man’… nothing sexist here, just the idea that everyone should know about the benefits of all men being tested for prostate cancer. (It’s just a blood test btw). And so, this year we wanted to help keep his memory and campaign alive by ensuring you and your loved ones tackle (see what we did there) the issue – if you haven’t already. 

Rather than a Christmas hamper or the usual bottle of booze and box of chocs, we donated our Christmas budget to the Red Sock Campaign.  And in the hope that our clients would get involved too – we created the Red Sock festive kit! We’d love to see Keith’s message shared, which is why we’re looking forward to seeing our clients’ sock snaps on social very soon…

For more information on the brilliant work undertaken by Keith and the team visit

And before we sign off for the festive break, we want to say another thank you to everyone we’ve worked with over the past 12 months for their continued support, and look forward to doing it all again in 2020.