Technical SEO lays the foundations of a healthy website that’s ready to rank and convert.


What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the foundation of getting your site seen in search results. It’s the process of auditing, assessing, and optimising the many technical factors that help your site rank. Think about it as fine-tuning the engine of your site to boost performance with search engines and users alike. Quality content may not be enough if the website itself has issues. An unoptimised site may mean you lag behind your competition.

The aim is to make it easy for a search engine to crawl, render and index your site. A technical SEO audit will highlight any issues, helping you to achieve results in search.  Optimisation may focus on Core Web Vitals, page load speed, site architecture, and keyword optimisation.  Technical SEO will help improve your website health, providing the building blocks to rank.


Our approach to Technical SEO.

SEO Agency that takes a results-led approach to technical SEO. Our audits are designed to improve your search performance, bringing more traffic and customers to your business. We’ll work as a partnership, providing best practice technical knowledge as an extension of your team.=

=We use a range of different tools and approaches to meet your needs. Whatever your concerns or issues, our solution will be designed to fit your unique website and sector. Whether you require a seamless content migration or want a full website health check, we can help.

Pages refusing to rank? Unsure what’s holding back the results?  Technical SEO is where it all begins. We’ll help to audit and optimise your site from the ground up, giving you the best possible foundation to boost your search performance.


A Technical SEO Agency You Can Trust.

Technical SEO can be complicated, which is why we explain every step in the clearest possible way. Our developers and SEO specialists are on hand to work with your team, offering guidance, support, and advice. We draw from years of dedicated experience providing technical SEO audits across different business and consumer sectors. We know what works, and why.

When there are technical issues with your website, it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ll prioritise the steps to take the actions that matter most, making the best possible impact on your website.


Who we’ve impacted.

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