Rachel is our newest recruit here at Station Rd and as part of her employment, she was signed up to Perkbox, an employee benefit scheme that enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to reward their staff. Here Rachel reviews Perkbox, sharing what she really thinks of the app.

What is Perkbox?

Perkbox is an employee benefit scheme that is designed to reward employees for all their hard work and make life a little more affordable. It aims to ensure ‘team happiness’ and help employees to feel valued in their company.

My experience with Perkbox

I was lucky enough to be signed up to the Perkbox scheme as part of my employment with Station Rd. As a recent graduate who is still heavily mourning the loss of the benefits of student living, I am thankful for anything that even closely resembles the money saving skills of my much beloved student discount. I am especially grateful that this discount is available in a simple app that is free to download once your employer has signed you up to the scheme and doesn’t have to be validated by the frightening image previously found on my student card. On opening the app you are instantly offered discount for a large variety of purposes and brands so I couldn’t wait to start working my way through them.

What the perk?

As a self confessed foodie, my favourite benefit from the app is its free TasteCard. What’s a TasteCard you ask? Well, it is a smartphone app that is accepted in over 6,500 UK restaurants and gives you a 2-for-1 discount for two people. If you’re in a bigger group, you can use more than one TasteCard per transaction. Of course, there are a few restrictions on this app as you would probably expect. These include no usage in the very chaotic Christmas shopping month of December, and of course other busy bank holidays or weekends. However, there are sometimes changes to these rules; ASK Italian recently ran an offer allowing holders to use the card on weekends.

But food isn’t the only appealing part of the app. For the clumsy people of the world, myself included, there’s free phone insurance which includes theft, accidental damage, breakdown and loss. Your chargers, headphones and cases are also included in this – very useful for those of us who are constantly replacing our broken iPhone USB wires.

There are lots of things to keep you entertained with this app. If you like watching movies, there’s an offer for that. If you enjoy travelling a lot, there’s an offer for that too. If you enjoy spa days, you got it, there’s an offer for that also. I couldn’t even begin to mention how many different things are available at the click of a button, otherwise this blog post would go on for an unnecessarily long time and I’m sure many of you will lose interest in what I’m saying. So if you want to see the list in full, visit their website.

Is it is easy to use?

Put simply. Yes. I really do love most things that come in app form. They tend to be so easy to navigate and are so easy to access on the go on your phone or on a tablet. One of the things that makes this particular app so easy to use is the clearly separated Benefit Categories such as ‘Clothing and Fashion’, ‘Luxury Hotels’, ‘Family’ and so on, making it really simple to find what you’re looking for. It does highlight the range of offers that are actually available through the app too. When you click on an individual deal, it comes up with a list of highlights and any restrictions which leaves no room for confusion.

What’s the catch?

Whenever most people see offer that says ‘free’ or offer with a significant amount of discount attached to it, they usually end up saying ‘it’s obviously too good to be true’. Well actually, this isn’t. I was surprised at this too. Although there are some restrictions with some of the offers, they are clearly laid out in the terms and conditions for you to check before redeeming the offer. I’ve only tried out a few offers but so far, so good. I can’t wait to work my way through more of the offers. Right now, paintballing is really catching my eye.