As a company you will be aware of how useful social media can be. But how do you know if it is any use to your business? Are you getting results? This is why it’s important to get tangible feedback on how your social account is performing. Twitter analytics is a reliable way to monitor how much coverage your tweets are receiving, and can also highlight to you which tweets are successful and which are not. This means you can cut out tweets that are not beneficial to you or your business, and focus on the ones that are. Here we explain what twitter analytics is, how it works and why you need to be using it.


A summary of your twitter

Twitter analytics gives you the ability to see your content with much more focus on the data. It allows you to see every tweet that you send out with an analysis of important information which can help shape your use of twitter to ensure it is as effective as possible. The first breakdown you receive is shown below;

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.14.50

This bar illustrates how many tweets are going out from your account, how many people have seen the tweets in total, traffic to your profile, how many people have mentioned your twitter handle and your followers. This simple breakdown is very useful in itself to see the current state of your twitter account and whether what you’re currently putting out there is working – but twitter analytics allows you to see much more in depth.


In depth analytics

More specific tools are also available via twitter analytics which allow you to dissect individual posts. This of course is very useful when deciphering which posts are working and which are not. This allows a business to stop pushing out content that their followers are not engaging with, and start to create and share more of the content that they show an interest in. You are able to see individual tweets under the ‘Top Tweets’ tab;

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 14.59.26

This also shows impressions, engagements and engagement rates in percentage format. By seeing these it makes it very easy to pin down hashtags that work for your business in your industry, how important images might be to your content and how many followers are clicking on the links that you tweet from your account. You should be using this information to benchmark activity and set targets for Twitter.


Audience analytics

Another fantastic tool that can be used is ‘Audiences’. This is a summary of audience interests and demographics. This separates your followers into;



Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.04.45



It also provides the country, and regions of those that are most interested in your twitter profile.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.04.39

All of these tools are free to use and are a must use for businesses when trying to successfully conduct a brand on twitter. It allows you to know comprehensively what content is successful and gaining interactions with your followers, and furthermore who those followers are and what they are interested in. Your twitter profile is a representation of your business so you should always look to twitter analytics when considering your social strategy. Considering it is a free service, then there is nothing stopping you.