he EU referendum dominating news and conversation in the UK, it is no surprise that some of the most used apps, companies and social media platforms have become part of that conversation. Thousands are supposedly set to miss out on having their vote taken into consideration due to leaving their registration too late, so social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder (believe it or not) and Instagram took the opportunity to give the voting youth a nudge in the right direction.



Facebook has rolled out a ‘countdown’ feature which allowed its users to see how long they had before their time ran out to register their vote. As well as this, it gave a link for Facebook users which then took them through to the registering site. This feature appeared periodically through Facebook feeds as a continuous reminder that the vote was coming up, and registering was vital if you want to have your say.


The image above shows what appeared on peoples feeds. In addition to being able to register through the platform, users could also share the reminder to their friends.



Tinder also introduced a new feature that will enable its users to test their knowledge on the EU referendum and then also gave the option to register to vote. The app includes an optional quiz that consists of 5 questions where the user will be given a score of their knowledge ahead of the upcoming referendum.

Tinder EU

The introduction of this means that those using the app will get the opportunity to test their knowledge of the EU and Britain’s role within it, then Tinder gives you a percentage of questions you got right, and a ranking. As the images show, this person got 67% and is therefore a ‘Baron’ and needs to read up! Then you had the option to register to vote through a diverted link that remained within the Tinder app – making it extremely easy.



Snapchat’s involvement was a little different to Tinder and Facebook. There was no direct link to register through their app, but aimed to raise awareness of the deadline. It did this by adding a filter to remind avid selfie takers that registration for the referendum was fast approaching and that they should get a move on! With 60% of all smartphone users currently active on Snapchat, you can be sure that this filter was reaching people who hadn’t yet registered to vote!


Snapchat EU



Some companies have also used social media to encourage people to vote. ‘Wake. Up. Vote.’ used sponsored posts through Instagram to ensure people that saw it would know when to register by, and also included a gentle reminder that it’s about what you think, not what the politicians tell you to think. With 55% of Instagram users being between the ages of 18-29, social media is a very effective way of targeting this demographic, and reminding them of the importance of the upcoming referendum, and how they can make sure their voice is heard.

Insta EU

Many people have hailed the EU Referendum as the biggest vote of a generation. With social media playing such a massive part in peoples lives, especially for millennials, it’s very positive that they have remained neutral and encouraged people to use their vote. We believe that social media is a great way to get the younger generation involved in politics.