Whether or not you are a retailer, e-mail delivery platform MailChimp’s fairly new ‘Snap’ app is well worth a look.

MailChimp is definitely capitalising on one of the continued digital trends from last year that saw photo-based social platforms like Instagram grow in popularity. That …and the fact that we are increasingly living hectic lifestyles and are time poor (but that’s another blog).

Snap allows you to create a quick photo-based email and share it with all or some of your subscribers on the go. You simply use your mobile to snap a photo or use one from your camera roll or Instagram feed, add a title, a description and link to your email and select who you would like to send it to.

In terms of marketing they are beautifully uncomplicated. They are a great way to share some quick information on new products or short updates with your contacts en masse or individually without having to spend too long on formatting, sourcing images, content creation and not to forget the approvals process.

So – whether you have a new product that has just hit the shelves or you want to share the fact that you have a special offer going live, Snap may just be the app to try.